We are a full scope Medical Production Company that brings science to the cultivation industry. We bring a Hospital-level Quality Assurance approach to the production methodology. Our whole cultivation approach is based upon scientific measurement and data analysis, not "cultivation with one’s eyes" but rather, treating the cultivation environment like a hospital environment. We realize that the "antiquated" methods are riddled with recalls and are very unsafe from a medical production standpoint. There is no comparison to the design, engineer, build and manage approach that Bare Root™ brings.

The Advantages

Our Process

Pre Set-up & Planning
  • We sit down with your team to understand your desired outcome before the design team gets to work
  • All building infrastructure is designed and engineered by Bare Root Science
  • We help with all aspects of your project, including sourcing of materials, equipment, etc.
The Outcome of the Planning Phase is: Full drawings & plans/estimates to fully complete your build and monthly operational running costs
2Engineer and Build
Initial Set-up Cost Estimate: Intellectual Property Set-up
  • Tables, Plumbing
  • Filters, Pumps
  • Reservoirs
  • Chillers
  • Tech 'Brains' for operation
  • Sensors
  • Baskets
  • Pucks
  • All additional Intellectual Property included.
Software Set-up and Install
  • Complete Climate Controller, Hydroponics Controller, Environmental Controller, Temperature Controller, Humidity Controller, CO2 Controller
  • pH and EC/TDS Controller, Reservoir Temperature Controller
  • Fogger Controller, Irrigation Controller, Ebb and Flow Table Controller
  • Time Lapse Movie Creator, DWC Level Controller, Deep Water Culture Controller
  • Cycle Timers, Lighting Controller, Atmospheric Controller, Long Term Data Logger with Advanced Graphing Geatures, Control MULTIPLE Growing Areas from one System
3On-going Mangement
  • Our Human Resources Management Team will screen, interview, train and maintain operations for your company’s production needs
  • We build great teams made up of professionals who are expert in their respective areas. This will enable your executive team to work up to their skill set
  • Finished product gets delivered to you on time and within budget.

Maximum Control Over:

  • Every Nutrient
  • Every Element
  • pH Levels
  • H20
  • O2
  • CO2
  • All Atmospheric Elements
  • Root Zone Temperature
  • Root Zone Humidity
  • Disease Indicators
  • Canopy Zone Temperature
  • Canopy Zone Humidity
  • Adaptive Academically Supported Lighting Systems
  • Using No Pesticides & Fungicides
  • All Root Zone Elements
  • Root Death and Pests
  • Bile Tolerant Gram Negative Bacteria
  • Proprietary Use Of Canopy Air Movement
  • All Root Zone Nutrients
  • Light Air Movement
  • Mold and Yeast

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